Private Piano Lessons and Performer

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Performing opportunities are part of the education experience, and I hope that each student challenges him or herself to accomplish this achievement. I can work with each student individually to address their performance issues so that these experiences are positive and rewarding.


The first performance of the year is a fun, casual "open-mic" kind of event held every October at my house in NE Cherokee County.  We all pitch in some food, the kids bring their bikes (or borrow some) and goof around in the yard and woods before we settle down to the recital-portion of the event outside in what I have dubbed "WazziCafe".  It is open-mic, so parents and little brothers and sisters are welcome to share their talents as well.  Group numbers are encouraged. There's a bonfire, some marshmallow roasting, and then the evening ends with a special group performance that...well, all I can tell you is that it involves spooky music, stage lights, DARKNESS.....and lots and lots of energy (got to burn off all those S'MORES calories.)

Christmas 2017 we gathered up at the local pizza place, which I think we all enjoyed thoroughly.  It was just like playing a gig, which I love for my students to have knowledge of - we even put out a tip jar and agreed to split the tips at the end of the night! There have been some changes in management, so this Christmas we actually have our pick of either La Paz Mexican restaurant or the new Catch 22.

Then there is the final, big, spring recital - formal, with a grand piano, and also with friends and family welcome. This is where students can show their skills both performing and in composure (there is a real art to walking up from an audience and taking your bows.)  This is the time of year when students receive a studio award for their completion of the year - quite an accomplishment, especially year after year.

Then, if students participate in study over the summer, there may be another casual recital - somewhere nice out under the stars.

Additional Performances

There are occasional student performances sponsored by music clubs of the greater metropolitan Atlanta area that students can choose to perform in.  These are formal performances intended to give the student additional performing experiences.

Group Lessons

I hold occasional group lessons at my house for special studies and to give students another performing opportunity.