Private Piano Lessons and Performer

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Included in Lessons

Lesson time goes fast, but I try to cover it all:  repertoire, theory, performance issues, sight-reading, technique, composition, improvisation, etc.  I DO like to reward students by creating an occasional music video - I mean, who doesn't like to say they're published on Youtube (at least privately).  And we do record a piece when it's just about as perfect as it can be, just to have and share if we want - something physical in existence to mark our achievement of our goals.  And, of course, there are stickers - some are just every lesson kind of stickers, those "good job", seasonal, every-day stickers, but then, on occasion, there are the MEGA-STICKERS  that they have to compete for, that they have to create compositions for, or learn a difficult task to obtain.

For older/ more advanced students, there is more emphasis on covering more material, and for perfecting it to a higher level - there are some students who perhaps even want to continue their studies in college, and I am there for them.  But I recognize that this is not something that most students are interested in.  And you understand that this describes most tweeners and teens.... and for them, keeping them interested in some facet of music and playing piano - AND GIVING THEM A CREATIVE OUTLET DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH THEIR TIME  - can be our goal.  Learning the technology involved in recording and creating videos is something most of this age group are interested in, and I can guide them through that. Who knows, they may even opt to message you when they publish to Youtube!

So, no matter what age or what level, my goal is to customize each lesson for each student, to give them a positive learning environment, to show them that all of this business about learning fingering and notes and chords and scales amounts to something fun and worthwhile, something that is within their grasp.