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It's a new school year ALREADY!!

I think summer goes by way too fast - it's still summer weather, although I think I feel a bit of fall in the air. And I can hear the Creekview HS Band practicing in the evenings, so that's always a sign that fall football is gearing up. 

For school age students:  I do think it's a good idea to ease into the fall school schedule, so I am absolutely agreeable to starting students a little after the beginning of school. You see, I am about the most flexible piano teacher you will find.  I understand what you parents are working with - sliding schedules, seasonal activities, work schedules...and of course, tight budgets. I think I give you and your child a very good value for your money. I am generous with my time, I accommodate with makeup lessons, and I spend a lot of time preparing for lessons that are basically designed for your child and your child alone, truly a boutique situation.  Your child gets my full attention when they are here, and I am not shuffling them in and out on a strict schedule because some store manager says I have to. And I am not assigning them standardized pieces that fit some pre-established curriculum - I assign what I think fits their needs and what I think will inspire them.

For older students:  The same goes with your schedules - I know you have a life, and probably each week tends to be different, holidays come along - for me, too!  So I just arrange lessons for you week by week, month by month, whatever you need. And yes, I assign you music selected just for you.

I don't post here often, but if you check out my Facebook page, I try to regularly post articles there about the benefits of learning music - there are many: discipline, achievement, actual brain development that applies to other skills, interpersonal skills, etc.  And, well, pretty clearly......music is just plain cool.


So please take a look at my website pages, and then go over to Facebook.  Give me a call at 404-784-8744 and I promise to get back to you fairly soon - hopefully we can set you up with a lesson time and have some fun exploring music together!

Carol/Ms. Wazzi


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